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Saddle plugs are a popular choice for individuals with stretched earlobes. These plugs, also known as saddle tunnels, are designed to resemble a saddle shape, with a larger middle section and narrower ends. Made from various materials such as wood, stone, or acrylic, saddle plugs are lightweight, comfortable to wear, and offer a unique aesthetic to ear piercings. They are available in different sizes to accommodate various stretching gauges. Saddle plugs provide a secure fit, as the larger middle section prevents them from slipping out. Explore our diverse range of saddle plugs to showcase your individual style and enhance your stretched earlobe fashion.

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    Vintage Heart 316L Surgical Steel Saddle Plugs Vintage Heart 316L Surgical Steel Saddle Plugs
    90 Day Warranty

    Vintage Heart 316L Surgical Steel Saddle Plugs

    Sold Individually

    Crafted from high-quality 316L surgical steel, these plugs feature a vintage heart design that adds a romantic touch to any look. Available in various gauges ranging from 22G to 2 inches and colors including Gold, Black, and Steel, these plugs are...

    C$11.99 - C$16.99
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