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Body Jewelry


Body jewelry refers to decorative ornaments that are worn on different parts of the body, primarily for aesthetic purposes. It includes a wide range of accessories such as rings, studs, barbells, and hoops that are specifically designed to be worn on piercings or other body modifications. These pieces of jewelry are typically made from materials like stainless steel, titanium, gold, or silver, and come in various designs and styles to suit individual preferences. Body jewelry is popular among individuals who have body piercings and want to enhance and adorn their piercings with unique and stylish accessories.

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Browse Through Our Great Styles of Body Jewelry

Add a dangerous shimmer to your look with affordable body jewelry from Body Pierce Jewelry. We are Canada's very own online body piercing jewelry store and we offer free shipping worldwide on orders $49 and over. Shop our collection for high-quality items available at a low price.

Body jewelry is available in different styles from industrial piercing jewelry to nose rings. Our curated collection offers the finest discount jewelry made from 316l surgical grade steel, hypoallergenic acrylic material, and titanium. Various pieces come in threadless, internally threaded, or externally threaded options. 

Nose piercing jewelry is available in many fits including rings, studs, L-bends, screws, and more. Cartilage earrings and more traditional earrings can be matched to create a full-ear look. Gender-specific jewelry is also available.

Looking for something extra-extra? Consider our organic line, including tiger's eye and agate tunnel, o-rings, and plugs. 

Explore our collection to find pieces that fit your unique style. 

Rock Body Pierce Jewelry

Want to rock something new and unique? Body Pierce Jewelry covers every category of jewelry.

With high-quality materials, you can feel good about buying our jewelry. Our gem jewelry is bright, our metallics sparkling, and our colored titanium vibrant for a lifetime. Get a piece that fits your budget and your look with Body Pierce Jewelry.

Facial Jewelry

Looking for some unique or classic facial jewelry? We carry labrets, Monroes, eyebrow rings, nose rings, pins, and studs, barbells and tongue rings, curved barbells, daith rings, helix, cartilage, and tragus jewelry, captive bead rings, septum jewelry, and industrial barbells. 

Body Jewelry

Update your body jewelry with our lines of belly ring options, dermal anchors and tops, and nipple rings. For the most delicate parts of your body, choose quality jewelry that gives you a stunning look.

Gauges, Tapers, and Plugs

Make an impressive statement with glass spiral tapers, natural stone gauges, and semi-precious gem cut plugs.

Ear gauges, tapers, and plugs all beg for attention, so make sure you're wearing something worth ogling. From cut black semi-precious plugs to twisted glass tapers, Body Pierce Jewelry gauges, tapers, and plugs let you be seen and heard.

Glass, Naturals, Titanium, and More

By opting for one of these materials, you get several benefits. Stone, wood, and glass all make for unique looks. They may also be a better option for those with metal sensitivities or allergies. Furthermore, you get to choose a statement piece that is made from an eco-friendly resource.


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