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Industrial Barbells

Industrial barbells are a type of body jewelry specifically designed for industrial piercings, also known as scaffold piercings. These barbells are typically straight and long, with two removable ends that can be screwed on. They are made from durable materials such as surgical steel, titanium, or acrylic, making them safe for long-term wear in the body. Industrial barbells come in a variety of designs, including plain, jeweled, or uniquely shaped ends to suit individual style preferences. These pieces are essential for anyone with an industrial piercing looking to add some flair and personality to their piercing collection with high-quality industrial piercing jewelry.

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What You Need to Know About Industrial Barbells

Learn about the basics of getting industrial barbell earrings.

What Is an Industrial Barbell?

An industrial barbell (a.k.a. scaffolding piercing) consists of two piercings connected by a piece of jewelry. Usually, it's a straight barbell that goes through your ear cartilage. 

Pain, Healing Time, and Aftercare

The pain from an industrial piercing is brief – the only exception is that you’ll have to deal with it twice. You might also feel some soreness after the procedure is done. Depending on your tolerance, you may feel a little or a lot of pain. 

For most, the healing time is between four to six months. Sometimes, you might take up to a year to heal, depending on aftercare and your immune system. It’s not recommended to get a piercing while you’re sick, as you may not heal as fast.

Because of that, aftercare is a major part of the healing process. Industrial piercings must be cleaned twice daily with saline and must avoid any pressure on them, especially while sleeping.

What Jewelry and Materials Are Used?

In most cases, a barbell is used. A barbell is a piece of jewelry made of a metal bar with a small removable bead on both ends. The length of the barbell depends on your ear's anatomy.

Generally, a straight barbell is used, though industrial piercings only require two holes and a connecting bar. This means barbells can rope, come with crystals, spiral, and be customized in a variety of ways. 

As for jewelry materials, the three common types are titanium, gold, and implant-grade stainless steel. Steel is mostly problem-free and comes in many colors, though it can irritate your ear.

Titanium is a common alternative to steel. It doesn’t corrode, is lightweight, and comes in as many colors as steel. With gold, it’s recommended to stick with 14 karat or higher, as 18 karat gold is too soft.

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