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What Type of Nose Stud Doesn’t Fall Out of Nostril Piercing?

Posted by Jessy L. on 11th Dec 2023

What Type of Nose Stud Doesn’t Fall Out of Nostril Piercing?

What Type of Nose Stud Doesn’t Fall Out of Nostril Piercing?

Are you having issues keeping your nose stud piercing in place? This is a good indicator that you picked out the wrong-sized ring. While wearing a loose stud won't put you in any immediate danger as you go about your day, if you sleep with it in, you could end up inhaling it.

On top of choosing the right-sized stud, you also have to make sure you find one that's designed to stay in. You'll be happy to know that you have various options.

Check out this guide to learn how to measure your nose stud and find out which types don't tend to budge.

Why Do Nose Rings Fall Out?

Nose jewelry can take quite a bit of punishment. Even so, your daily activities might be the reason why you can't keep your stud in.

Brushing over your stud as you put on your makeup may not be the issue at all. The jewelry could simply be the wrong material, or you may have stretched the piercing over the years.

Stretched Piercing

How long ago did you have your nose pierced? If it's been a few years, there's a good chance that the piercing has stretched. This is especially true if you have a taste for heavy jewelry.

Once the piercing stretches, you'll find it more difficult to keep your studs in.

Unsuitable Metal Material

Soft metals such as 22K gold aren't suitable for nose studs. Hard metals are a much stronger material.

If you don't want your jewelry to fall out, opt for sterling silver or stainless steel.

Regular Activity

You'll need to take extra care in your morning routine if you don't want to lose your nose rings. Don't touch the area around your piercing when you're putting on makeup or washing your face.

Take extra care when putting on and taking off your clothes. Your nose ring can get hung on the fabric and fall out.

Choosing the Right Size

Another thing that can cause a nose stud to fall out is the size. You'll need to measure a ring's gauge, and length.

If one or both of these things isn't the perfect fit for your nose, the stud isn't going to work.


Gauge is the measurement of a ring's thickness. The smaller the number, the thicker the stud is.

The standard size is an 18 gauge, but everyone's nose is different. You may have to move down to a 20 gauge.

The best way to ensure you choose the right gauge is to ask your piercer. They'll be able to show you a few options that will fit your nose.

If you don't have access to a knowledgeable piercer, you can measure the gauge yourself using a micrometer.


The length of a stud is how long it is from the stud to the curve. The average is about 6 millimeters.

You may have to opt for a 5 or 7-millimeter, depending on the thickness of your nose cartilage. Once again, a professional can help you find the right measurement for you.

Studs That Won't Fall Out

Certain stud designs stay in better than others. If you don't want to spend your time fighting with your jewelry, you should consider labret studs, nose screws, retainers, corkscrews, or threadless rings.

Labret Studs

Labret studs have the simplest designs. They're comprised of a straight rod and a ball or flat end.

To put one in, all you have to do is unscrew the backing, slip the ring in, and screw the backing on. Since labret studs are as comfortable as they are secure, they're popular with newbies.

L Bend

These studs are bent in an L shape. They go in through the piercing and rest on the inside of the nostril to create a secure hold.

L Bend rings are one of the most complicated types of nose studs to put in, which means it's not that easy to remove them.


Retainers aren't a long-term solution because they don't have much to bring to the table in terms of style. They're flesh or clear-colored studs that you may wear if you need to hide your piercings.

Retainers aren't only built for camouflage. They're also perfect for those who are active. They come in a variety of different secure styles.


Corkscrew nose studs are similar to nose screws. The main difference is that they're circular instead of L-shaped.

They do go in about the same way that L-shaped studs do. You'll have to thread it through the piercing. The end will rest against your nostril and create a sturdy hold.


As the name suggests, threadless nose studs don't contain any threaded parts. Instead, the entire thing is held together by tension.

Like most studs, threadless jewelry has two ends. The first one is the decorative end. It's the part that holds the gem. The second part is the actual barbell.

To insert your threadless nose stud, you'll simply bend the pin on the decorative end of the jewelry. This will create the tension needed for a secure fit.

Nose Bones

Nose bones are barbells with a decorative end and a bulbous end that holds the stud in place.

Nose bones are comfortable to wear and can be secure, but they do tend to fall out more often than the options mentioned above.


If you don't have your heart set on studs, hoops are another secure option. They come with a clasp that keeps them securely locked in place.

Unless you somehow put pressure on the hoop, you won't have to worry about it falling out.

There are different types of hoops on the market. The most secure are clickers.

Their design is a bit more involved than regular hoops. Once you click your ring in place, you'll be hard-pressed to lose it.

Seam rings are a bit similar to clickers. The difference is that they twist on and off at an angle.

They can be a bit of a challenge to put in. If you aren't precise, you could end up bending the ring.

Captive bead rings, use a bead to seal the ring and keep it locked in place.

Circular barbells aren't a complete hoop. They're shaped like a horseshoe with a spike or ball on each end. This creates a unique look and a secure hold.

How to Keep Your Nose Stud Piercing In?

You can buy the most secure nose jewelry the market has to offer and still have a problem with it falling out.

If you find that the issue is with the stud's fit, you can cut it. If you want to ensure that your jewelry fits correctly, order custom rings.

If you're having a sudden problem keeping an old stud in, inspect it for bends and scratches.

Cut It

Is your nose ring too long? Shorten it by snipping it with wire cutters. You can use jewelry pliers to bend your stud back into place if needed.

When you're done shaping your nose ring, clean it with warm water and antibacterial soap.

Place the stud in your nose to test the size. If it's still too big, cut it again. Remember to only snip away a small amount of the ring at a time.

Buy a Custom Stud

Everyone's noses are different. Those with small noses require a thinner stud than those with larger noses.

If your nose shape is making it difficult for you to find the right ring for you, opt for a custom order. A professional piercer can help you out with this process.

Inspect the Stud

Time has a way of aging jewelry. If you're suddenly having problems keeping your nose ring in, take it out and inspect it.

Dents, bends, and scratches can often cause a nose ring to fall out. You might be able to save it by taking it to a professional. Nine times out of ten, you're better off investing in a new stud, though.

Choose a Stud That Won't Fall Out

The last thing you want is for your nose stud piercing to fall out while you sleep. You could end up inhaling it or swallowing it.

That's why you need a ring that won't fall out. As you can see, there are a lot of options.

You can go with a simple labret design or choose something a little more complicated like the corkscrew. If your heart isn't set on studs, there are hoops as well.

Visit our shop to start browsing for studs. If you have any sizing questions, contact us for assistance!

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