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Top 9 Most Popular Piercings in 2020

Posted by Jessy L. on 19th Apr 2023

Top 9 Most Popular Piercings in 2020

Top 9 Most Popular Piercings in 2020

2020 has been a whirlwind of a year so far. Many people have been unable to receive their normal piercing services due to social distancing measures and the necessity of masks in professional piercing shops.

Does this mean that you're not able to express yourself?

No way!

There are many popular piercings that have been gaining steam in 2020 because of the restrictions and masks. If you can only show part of your face, why not decorate it?

You might feel limited right now while septum, nostril, and oral piercings are no-gos. Don't worry though, we've got some ideas for you that you can get done and show off (or hide, your call) in 2020 and in the years to come.

Keep reading for some of the most popular piercings in 2020.

1. Lobes

The most popular piercing regardless of the year is going to be the earlobe piercing. These are popular for men and women, often done in childhood.

If you're getting a piercing for a child, it's likely going to be the earlobes! There is often space for 2 or 3 lobe piercings on each ear and these piercings are almost pain-free and easy to heal.

If you're bringing a child for a piercing or getting one yourself, make sure that you go to a good piercing shop, not a store like Claire's or Icing. Lobes might seem simple, but a piercer will do a good job with less pain and prettier jewelry!

Lobes have so many options for jewelry. They're able to be stretched to accommodate larger gauges or weighted with heavier jewelry for a different and unique look.

Once these piercings are healed (3-5 months) they're ready to be swapped out daily with popular fashion jewelry.

Because these are the most common piercings, they're also the easiest to find unique jewelry for.

2. Helix

The helix is another popular choice for an ear piercing. These are also common across genders and ages, and they're often the next step after getting a lobe piercing done.

These piercings go along the raised ridge of your ear and can accommodate either stud or ring jewelry (though they should be started with studs for health and safety purposes, especially if this is your first one).

Helixes can go anywhere on the side of the ear. They start in the cartilage right above the lobe and end at the front of the curve that's closest to your face. A helix that's right at the edge of that curve is called a forward helix! They're more complicated and a bit harder to heal, but they're a less common variety of piercing.

3. Conch

The conch is a tough healer but it looks great. Like the helix, you want to get the conch pierced with a stud if you want a quick and easy healing time. A wide ring is also an option, but this will make it uncomfortable to lay or sleep on that side of your body.

This piercing goes anywhere in the "bowl" of your ear. If you feel along the inside of the ear, the deep part that caves in and rounds out the back is the bowl. Any piercing in there is going to be a conch.

These piercings take between 6 months and a year to heal but can get irritated at any time beyond the healing process! Some people love wearing rings in them while others love using shiny ends to make them sparkle.

4. Daith

When you go in for a daith piercing, remember "daith like moth", it isn't pronounced in the way that "faith" is. The piercer will know what you're talking about but keep in mind that it's pronounced like "doth."

This piercing is uncommon but adorable. It gives you a subtle shine on the inside of your ear and it still looks "professional" if that's what you need, especially if you just put a gold ring in there.

Feel along the inside area of your ear, where you'd put earbuds. That ridge that goes right over the "earbud zone" is where the daith piercing is going to go. This might seem painful, but it's not too bad and by the time you feel it, it's over.

These are more unique piercings. They're less common than lobes, helixes, and conches.

They have fewer styling options but any clicker or bead ring is a great choice for a healed daith.

5. Rook

The rook is the last of the ear piercings that we're going to go over and it's another uncommon choice.

Feel along the ridge of your ear until you're close to the top. Then bring your fingers down. That raised area over the bowl is where a rook is going to go.

These are most commonly done with a curved barbell, though a ring is a good choice once you're healed. They look somewhat like navel piercings (except on the ears) with a smooth and shiny gem on top, a curve that goes into the bowl, and another shiny gem on the bottom.

These are subtle, sweet, and have a variety of jewelry options.

6. Eyebrow (2 Ways!)

Oh, the eyebrow piercing. These were popular in the 90s but they've taken a downturn in popularity since.

With eyebrows being one of the only available parts of the face to show off, though, they've made a comeback.

There are 2 ways to do an eyebrow. The most popular is the vertical eyebrow. This needs to be done with a curved barbell (though a ring can be used later. This is a shallow piercing so doing it with a ring can lead to rejection).

Different people will have different ideal places for eyebrow piercings. Some people could pierce the whole brow while others have sweet spots. If you pinch your eyebrow gently from one side to the other, you can find the spot where your piercer will probably pierce you.

Horizontal eyebrows are less common. They're harder to do so not as many piercers are going to offer them. These are surface piercings that sit over your eyebrow. They require a surface bar and two ends.

These are a cool look, but as with all surface piercings they need to be taken care of.

7. Bridge

A bridge piercing is more intense and unique than the others on this list. Bridge piercings aren't for everyone, so give this one some thought before jumping in.

The bridge piercing goes at the bridge of the nose. If you run your fingers up your nose in a pinching position, you'll realize that the top is squishy and soft. This is where the piercing goes.

These are done with a straight barbell.

If you have glasses a bridge piercing might not be for you. Determine where your glasses rest (or bring them to the shop with you) before you commit to this piercing.

They've been gaining popularity over the past few years as piercings have become more socially acceptable, but know that if you're in a conservative area this one will get you some looks.

8. Navel

Everyone loves a navel piercing. They're not just for 90s popstars and thin teenagers anymore.

If you want to get a navel piercing, make sure you see a good piercer. Not all people are able to get navel piercings and they may need an alternative option (like a floating navel). There are many piercers who don't know how to do a navel piercing but will do it anyway for your money.

Sit down and look at your belly button. If it caves in or "winks", you need a floating navel. The pressure of your skin will push the jewelry out. This is not based on weight or body fat, it's the anatomy you were born with. If you have an "outie" you may not be able to have a navel piercing at all.

This piercing goes in through the skin on your belly and out through the inside of the navel, deep enough that there's a millimeter or 2 of space between the mouth of the navel and the jewelry.

If you have a standard navel you pick small jewelry for the top and a larger gem or dangling piece for the bottom. If you have a floating navel, use larger jewelry on top and a flat piece for the bottom.

9. Nipples

Believe it or not, nipples are one of the most common piercings. They're discrete, almost anyone can have them, and they make people feel like they have a little secret from the world.

These piercings are considered the most painful, though pain is subjective. You can get one or both and do them either horizontal, vertical, or diagonal (though the horizontal piercing is most popular). They should always be done with straight barbells.

These piercings can be adorned with any kind of gemmed end. They're a lot of fun and no one has to know that you have them! They take up to a year and a half to heal, so keep that in mind when you're planning.

Do You Have Any of These Popular Piercings?

The main theme of 2020 popular piercings is "nothing in the mouth or nose". Why get a piercing if it's going to be covered?

These piercings are all done regardless of the precautions in place in 2020 and they're all stylish, fun, and great to show off (except for the body piercings; that's up to you).

For more piercing advice or to pick up some fun jewelry for your healed piercings, visit our site!

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