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Body Piercing Trends of 2021

Posted by Jessy L. on 14th Nov 2023

Body Piercing Trends of 2021

Body Piercing Trends of 2021

In the past year, people have found new ways to spice up their lives as they live in isolation. We baked bread, decorated our houses, and crafted until we couldn’t craft anymore.

Many people moved on to finding ways to move and modify their bodies. Crazy TikTok trends, cool new hair colors, and tiny tattoos are just the tip of the iceberg.

One way to try something new and express your individuality is through body piercings!

Looking to get some new bling? Keep reading to learn about the top body piercing trends of 2021.

Constellation Piercings

Tiny studs are officially in, and a great way they are being used is in constellation piercings.

Constellation piercings are achieved when multiple piercings appear to form a “constellation” or a collective group. This opens up a lot of fun possibilities for coordinating jewelry and even matching your piercings to your astrological sign.

A word of warnings with constellation piercings: Don’t get too many at once. It is ok to get a couple at a time until your entire constellation is finished—this way, your ear can heal easier.

Hoops, Chains, and Charms

As people pierce their ears more and more (like with constellation piercings), there is an increased interest in making a statement with your jewelry.

Connecting piercings with chains or drawing attention to specific piercings with unique charms is a fun way to add interest to your new look.

Another trendy accessory is small “huggie” hoops. These are hoop earrings that are dainty and conform closely to the outer curve of your ear.

Daith Piercings

The daith is the inner fold of the ear (yes, getting a daith piercing is probably going to hurt). But this trend is going to be BIG this summer, so go out and get one so it can be all healed in time for your cute selfies by the sea.

When choosing your ear jewelry, pick something bold for your daith piercing and then build the rest of the look around that.

A piercing like this is sure to draw a lot of attention and look amazing!

Earlobes and Mask Irritation

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the necessity of masks, people are getting a lot less cartilage piercings. The straps of face masks can irritate upper cartilage piercings. The masks themselves can also rub against nose and lip piercings.

As a result, we will be seeing a lot more piercings in the earlobes and possibly the eyebrows. These are places that can be seen and aren’t covered by the mask or irritated by the straps.

The lobes are also softer and more easily pierced in larger batches, meaning you can get 2, 3, or 4 piercings at once without the pain of multiple cartilage piercings.


While eyebrow and nose piercings have often thrived on asymmetry, ear piercings have not. Normally, if you get a piercing on one ear, you get the same thing on the other ear, right?

Not anymore! Get one piercing in your left ear and a dozen in your right ear! Focus on the cartilage in one ear and the lobe in the other ear. This new trend gives you a lot of room to really be unique and figure out what works best for you.

Pair this asymmetrical jewelry look with a simple, neutral outfit to draw attention to your beautiful face!

Navel Piercing

All you have to do is spend about 10 minutes on TikTok to know that the 90s are back. One of the biggest piercing trends of the 90s was navel (belly button) piercings, so we can only assume that this will be coming back strong in the next year or so.

If you are looking to explore body piercings beyond your ears, but you want to avoid something super visible for professional reasons, a navel piercing can be a great option.

You can cover it up with work or school-appropriate clothes during the day and show it off with a cute crop top on the weekends!

Make sure that you talk with someone before committing to a navel piercing. Depending on your anatomy, you may need a floating navel piercing instead, which is a slightly different look.

Gold and Bling

For now, it is looking like gold will beat out over silver for 2021. When coordinating your piercings, try a gold-dominant look. It is timeless and classy, but with the bold and bulky looks dominating the runways lately, there are plenty of ways to make gold modern.

Most celebrity looks over the past year have been studded with diamonds. Getting some clear/white gemstone looks to go with your gold based jewelry can be a beautiful combination.

Remember, it doesn’t have to be real diamonds for you to look fabulous. There are a lot of ways to find reasonably priced bling to wear this summer.

What Kind of Body Piercings Do You Want?

Hair color, tattoos, body piercings–we have so many ways to customize our looks and express our individuality!

If you are going to get a piercing, make sure you have it done by a professional, preferably with a needle, not a gun. As long as you get pierced by someone you trust and you provide proper aftercare to the affected area, you will have an amazing piercing to show off to all of your friends!

Want to learn more about different kinds of piercings? Check out our blog for inspiration and information!

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