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Belly Button Rings

If your gonna be showing off your belly button piercing, you need body piercing jewelry that's gonna stand out. We have beautiful collection of steel navel jewelry that will do just that. We carry unique and simple navel piercing jewelry to more elaborate belly rings from dangle belly button rings to non dangle belly button rings made from acrylic, surgical steel, titanium and also includes cubic zirconia stones. If you want more fancy belly rings we carry 14k gold belly rings. Our collection of steel belly rings is made from surgical grade stainless steel so it is safe to use on your piercings. Check out our selection of belly piercing jewelry below to find a few belly rings that's right for you!


Belly Button Navel Rings

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Belly Button and Navel Rings to Express Your Uniqueness

If you just had a belly button piercing, you want to adorn your belly button with a sexy and stylish belly button ring. Our collection includes a variety of steel belly rings to suit any navel piercing. We have simple and minimalist designs as well as elaborate and luxurious styles. Whether you prefer to be understated or want to make heads turn, there's something for you.

Made With the Best Materials

Our belly button rings are made from different bases such as acrylic, surgical steel, 14k gold, and titanium. These come in a variety of designs from studs, to flowers, to ribbons, to hearts, and butterflies. These are embedded with cubic zirconia stones and have a great color scheme for standing out.

If you want a bit more luxury, we've also got several belly rings based in 14 Karat gold. These are great for special occasions when you want to be the center of attention or stand out in a crowd.

Our prices are affordable so you can create your own collection of belly rings from our varied selection. You can choose a different belly ring for a different occasion.

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Cute and Stylish

One thing that they all have in common is how cute and sexy they'll look on you. You can try for a great two-toned heart shape when you're out on a date. Or a regal flower design for a special and high-profile event. Or go for a casual stud with an opal stone for relaxing on the beach or by the pool.

Belly button rings have always been a status symbol. They signified the woman who wanted to stand out from the crowd and embrace her femininity and sexiness. If you shop our collection of belly rings, you'll be able to exuberate your own sexiness and make a statement!

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