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Tips for Teaching Kids to Care for Their Ear Piercings

Posted by Jessy L. on 18th Oct 2023

Tips for Teaching Kids to Care for Their Ear Piercings

Tips for Teaching Kids to Care for Their Ear Piercings

80-90% of American women have pierced ears.

Many people remember the excitement of getting their first ear piercing. They remember the butterflies in their stomach and the uncertainty about what it's going to look or feel like.

Getting an ear piercing is an exhilarating feeling, and it's important to remember to properly clean the piercing to avoid infections. If your child just got their ears pierced, take the time to teach them proper cleaning procedures.

Because we're such big believers in teaching kids how to care for their piercings, we've provided a helpful guide below. Read it, and review it with your child.

Guarantee the Piercer is Sanitary

Before you even start the self-care and cleaning process with your child, guarantee the piercer and/or piercing studio has proper hygiene regulations in place.

You'll also want to find a piercer who has experience working with children. This creates a comfortable atmosphere for your child to ask questions like, "Does it hurt?" In fact, some pediatrician offices even offer piercings to guarantee a safe and clean environment.

Make sure they're wearing new gloves as they work with your child, and double-check to make sure they properly sterilize the needle and ear. If at any point something doesn't seem right, leave the studio.

Many people are also against piercing guns and prefer working with professional piercers who use needles. Piercing guns, because they're plastic, are unable to be properly sterilized. They're also not nearly as sharp as needles used in professional shops.

Once the piercing is done, have the piercer chat with your child about proper cleaning techniques! Make sure to ask any questions you might have and ask about any products they recommend.

Explain to Your Child Why Cleaning Is Important

Have a chat with your child about why cleaning the piercing is important. Giving them a reason for cleaning it will encourage them to watch after it.

Inform your child the ear may become infected if they don't clean it. This can cause swelling, redness, pain, and oozing. It all sounds gross and painful, right?

If the ear does become infected, they'll probably have to visit a doctor and remove the piercing. No kid wants to get rid of the cool earring they just got!

As you chat with your child, take the opportunity to show them how they'll properly clean the piercing.

How to Clean the Piercing

You can't learn how to prepare them if you don't prepare yourself. Let's go over some quick basics of cleaning an ear piercing. Remember to always start the cleaning process by first washing your hands.

Soak a Q-tip in the cleaning solution provided by the piercer or saltwater cleaning solutions. Gently rub the Q-tip around and on the piercing to clean it. While the piercing is wet, carefully take your fingers and rotate the piercing.

If you want to clean the skin surrounding the piercing, use a non-scented antibacterial soap.

You'll want to clean the piercing at least 2-3 times per day, especially after any heavy sweating. Keep an eye out for any irritation or swelling.

Encourage Independent Cleaning

Depending on how young your child is, it's important to encourage independent care and cleaning. This teaches them responsibility, and independent tasks can increase their self-esteem.

For the first few days, assist your child in cleaning their piercing. Let them know that after a certain day, they'll have to show you how responsible they are by cleaning it themselves.

Of course, you can still keep a sneaky eye on their cleaning procedures, but they'll be motivated to show how independent they are. Remember to praise them each time they properly clean the piercing on their own.

Keep an Eye Out for an Allergic Reaction

Unfortunately, some people don't react well to cheaper metals. It's best to select a hypoallergenic pair for their first set of earrings! This way, they'll be able to leave them in for the first 4-6 weeks of healing time without having to worry too much about taking them out.

Most people searching for a hypoallergenic pair go with sterling silver or 24-karat gold. While they're more expensive, they'll save you a lot of time and pain. Avoid metals like nickel for their first pair.

Even if you go with a hypoallergenic pair, keep an eye on the piercing. It's better to be safe than sorry.

Other Things to Watch Out For

On top of proper cleaning procedures, there are a few other things to keep in mind while your child's piercings are healing.

If your child has long hair, encourage them to keep it away from their ears as much as possible. Long hair can become wrapped around the piercing, and this can cause pain and infections.

Try to steer clear from hot tubs, rivers, lakes, and pools while the piercing is healing. Anything gross in the water can easily mess with the new piercing.

Tell your child to be careful if they talk on the phone or use large headphones. Sterilize the objects touching their ear, and make sure they're not accidentally tugging on it or hitting it with their phone.

Turn to Professionals With Questions

Whenever you have any questions or concerns, don't hesitate to reach out to a licensed piercer or doctor. It could end up being nothing to worry about, but there's no point in risking it.

Even if you contact a piercer you didn't receive the piercing from, they should still be able to give you general advice.

Hygiene 101: Teaching Kids How to Care for Piercings

Teaching kids how to establish their own hygiene routines is crucial, especially when it comes to cleaning new piercings. Keeping their piercings clean keeps infections away.

Find a clean piercer that makes your child feel comfortable. Show them how to clean their piercing every day, and encourage them to clean the piercings on their own. If you have any questions, ask the professionals.

Are you looking for the perfect jewelry to gift your child after their ears are done healing? Check out the rest of our site, including our kids' jewelry. Contact us with any questions.

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