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About Nose Piercing

Everything You Need to Know About Nose Piercings & the Process

Ready to get your nose pierced? We've got you covered. Explore the process of getting your nose pierced, what to expect, and how to go about it. 


Types of Nose Piercings

If you're considering getting your nose pierced, you should know your options. Here's a quick rundown of the various types of nose piercings available. 

The Nostril Piercing

The nostril piercing is a classic and probably what the average person imagines when they think about nose piercings. It is a piercing on either one of your nostrils. Studs are the best-suited jewelry for your nostrils. 

The Septum Piercing

A septum piercing runs between the lower part of your nasal septum that divides your nose. Hoops and rings should be your go-to options for this one!

The Nasallang Piercing

A nasallang piercing is one that goes through your nostrils as well as your septum. Barbells work well for these piercings as they run from one end of your nostril to the other!

The Bridge Piercing

For this one, the part where the top of your nose meets the space between your eyes (AKA the bridge) is pierced. Like with the nasallang piercing, a barbell is ideal. 

The Vertical Nose Tip Piercing

This piercing begins a little above the tip of your nose, runs through the bone, and comes out between your nostrils. We recommend using curved barbell jewelry to make the most of this one 

The Septril Piercing

First, your septum must be stretched, pierced, and then runs through the tip of your nose. Tunnels, curved barbells, or even plugs work well for the septril piercing. 


Piercings and Pain

The unsatisfying answer to the pain question is that it is subjective. Some noses hurt more than others, and we all have different thresholds for pain. 

However, you can generally expect your piercing to feel like a sharp pinch or sting. 

After you choose the piercing you want, your piercer will discuss placement with you. They will then clean the area and make the appropriate markings on your skin. Finally, with the help of a surgical piercing needle, a piercing gun, or a wire, they will puncture the markings.

Other variables include the type of nose piercing you are opting for and how skilled your piercer is. For example, the septril piercing will likely hurt more than a simple nostril piercing. Ideally, your nose piercing should not take longer than a couple of seconds to complete the process. 

The Healing Process

The way you care for your piercings is a defining part of the healing process. Not only do you have to adequately clean the nose, but you should also clean your jewelry to prevent infections. 

Good hygiene = quicker healing. 

Now, another factor that affects the healing time is location. What kind of nose piercing did you get? A nostril or bridge piercing would take 4-6 months to heal. A septum piercing tends to heal quicker at 3-4 months. Finally, a vertical or nasallang piercing could take 9-12 months to heal. 

To ensure healing takes its natural course, try not to swim during this period. Do not play around too much with your piercing or remove it. Further, it may also help to avoid using moisturizer or makeup on the pierced region. 

If you notice any signs of throbbing, unusual pain, blisters, bleeding, pus, swelling, or sudden sharp pain, you may need medical attention. Get it treated immediately to prevent the situation from exacerbating. 

How Much Do Nose Piercings Cost?

A nose piercing could cost anywhere between $30 to $100 at a piercing facility. However, this rate may vary subject to experience, the type of piercing you want, and the location of your facility. 


Nose Piercings and Jewelry

While choosing your nose piercing jewelry, you want to pay extra close attention to the type of material used to create it. Generally, surgical stainless steel and titanium are good bets to prevent infections. 

Gold, nickel, and silver could also work but may present a problem if you have an allergy. 

Next, you have to choose the type of jewelry you want. This further depends on your piercing type. Some options include seamless rings, pins, studs, nose screws, nose hoops, L-shaped nose rings, and C-shaped nose rings.

Get Pierced!

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