The Most Popular Body Jewellery Colours

The Most Popular Body Jewellery Colours

31st Jul 2018

If you want to get some body jewellery or if you know that you want to buy someone something as a gift then you need to really look through the options that are available. This is very easy for you to do, and this post is designed to help you to make all the decisions you need.


Bronze is a great colour and it can work well with a huge range of skin tones as well. Bronze body jewellery is also ideal at reflecting light and when you combine it with some neutral coloured foundation, you will soon see how the whole thing comes together.


Marine blue, sapphire blue and even turquoise are great colours for body jewellery. You’d be surprised at how well this colour can work with clothing items such as necklaces, earrings and beads, not to mention that it can easily add a nice sheen to any outfit. Blue is ideal when it is combined with white clothing and it can give you that nice summer look as well.


Purple is another very popular colour and this is especially if you’re young and like to go out on a Saturday night. It can make you look youthful and it can also make your outfit look way more luxurious as well. Consider a purple belly ring, earrings or even a necklace as well. This can brighten any outfit and it can also help you to feel way more unique and individual.

So those are the top colours for body jewellery and by taking the time to look into these popular options, you can be sure to make the most out of the outfit and even the money that you are investing in your jewellery as well. Why don’t you take a look through our store to find out more?

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