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The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Baby Ear Piercings

Posted by Jessy L. on 7th Sep 2023

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Baby Ear Piercings

The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Baby Ear Piercings

Are you aware that the American Academy of Pediatrics says ear piercing is a safe cosmetic procedure for people of all ages?

Yes, that means babies, too. There are parents on both sides of the aisle -- those who approve of it and those who don't. But you can decide for your baby.

Are you interested in getting some answers to questions about baby ear piercing?

Keep reading for the information you need to make an informed decision.

Is There a Risk of Infection?

There's always a risk of infection after getting a piercing -- and that's the case regardless of age. Some infections are mild, while others could be more serious and lead to an abscess that must be drained.

Anytime someone's earlobe is pierced, any bacteria on the earlobe can get into the piercing and cause issues.

In addition to ensuring that your baby's earlobes are cleaned properly, you can ask your pediatrician for tips on what to do if there's an infection. Your child's doctor will know how to treat an infected ear piercing.

Ask the pediatrician for tips on how to sterilize earrings to reduce the risks of infection.

Can My Baby Get an Allergic Reaction After an Ear Piercing?

Babies can have allergic reactions after getting their ears pierced. It usually occurs in response to earring materials.

Your best bet is to avoid earrings containing low-quality nickel or steel -- and ensure the studs are also made of high-quality materials.

Do your research to find the best earrings for kids so that you get something stylish and safe. Yes, you can get both rather than just one or the other.

Who Should I Get To Do the Piercing for My Child?

While you can go to various places to get your baby's ears pierced, your best bet is a pediatrician. The doctor you take your child to for appointments, or whoever the doctor refers you to, is a safe choice.

So, opt for a pediatrician ear piercing for the best results for your child. Consider that a pediatrician offering this service will have the right tools.

A pediatrician will also do good preparatory work and ear piercing aftercare. That will reduce the odds of any post-piercing complications for your baby.

Going to a traditional ear piercing service provider might result in their using equipment that wasn't designed for babies.

Will My Baby Feel Pain During the Piercing?

All ear piercings will cause some pain, whether the recipient of the piercing is a child or an adult. The pain, however, isn't intense and won't persist for too long.

You can ask the pediatrician who does the piercing to add topical anesthesia cream to your baby's earlobes to reduce discomfort.

What Can I Do After the Piercing to Help My Baby?

After the piercing is done and earrings are inserted to keep the holes from closing, you usually need to leave the earrings in for about a month and a half. It'll take that long for the necessary healing to take place.

You'll usually need to take precautions that include but aren't limited to drying around the ears after bathing your baby and using rubbing alcohol to clean their earlobes daily. The pediatrician conducting the piercing will advise you.

What Is the Ear Piercing Process for Babies?

The process for baby ear piercings is similar to that for adult ear piercings.

Before beginning, the pediatrician will clean your baby's earlobes with a disinfectant, like rubbing alcohol. The pediatrician will then use a device like a piercing gun or specialized needle to pierce the earlobes.

After the piercings, the pediatrician will insert studs or earrings into the piercings to serve as placeholders so that the holes don't close.

Do I Have to Get Both Ears Done at the Same Time?

It's best to get both of your baby's earlobes pierced simultaneously. Doing both at the same time means that the process will be completed faster. It'll also be easier on your child if the piercings are done in the same procedure.

If you have any questions, ask the pediatrician performing the piercings.

What Types of Earrings Are Best?

It's best to stick to small, round, and flat earrings. What you don't want are earrings that have edges. When it comes to the fastener, ensure that it's as kid-proof as possible.

You don't want your baby to be able to remove it and potentially injure themselves with it. Look for earrings with locking mechanisms that your baby won't be able to unfasten.

Also, steer clear of earrings that dangle. Your baby could start to pull on it, or it can get caught onto something else.

You can find the right kinds of earrings for babies in our online store. Contact us to learn more.

Do You Want to Pursue a Baby Ear Piercing?

Are you looking to get your baby's ear pierced? If so, the questions and answers above should give you the information you need to decide.

A baby ear piercing is a safe procedure. The key is to get it done by someone who knows what they're a pediatrician.

If you get baby ear piercings, you'll also want to find a vendor that sells appropriate earrings for your child. That's what we offer at Body Pierce Jewelry.

Check out our online storefront for the best in baby earrings, kids earrings, and more. You find just what you need for your little one.

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