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Ear Tunnels and Plugs


Ear tunnels and plugs are popular accessories for body modification enthusiasts. These unique pieces of jewelry are specifically designed to be worn in stretched earlobes. Ear tunnels, also known as ear gauges, are hollow cylindrical tubes that allow for larger sizes and a variety of materials including stainless steel, acrylic, and wood. On the other hand, ear plugs are solid discs that fit snugly into the stretched lobes. These accessories provide a fashionable way to showcase individual style and creativity. With their wide range of designs, colors, and sizes, ear tunnels and plugs have become a staple in the body modification community.

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Our Earring Collection Has Tunnels, Gauges, and Plugs

Check out our unique collection of ear plugs, earlets, talons, flesh tunnels, earrings, stretchers and ear piercing expanders. Our ear plugs come in various sizes for your body piercing. Check back often for new ear gauges and the latest in plug earrings from Body Pierce Jewelry. Our collection of gauges from artisan plugs to dangle plugs and our gauge piercings & gauge earrings are made from high quality materials that's safe for you to wear. Check out our stylish and trendy ear piercing jewelry and ear plugs from simple to one of a kind collection of gauged earring.

If you want a unique pair of earrings different from a normal collection, we've got you covered. Our earrings collection has a variety of styles, colors, and materials. We offer great prices so you can rock your style without breaking your bank.

We have a unique collection of tunnels, gauges, plugs, and expanders or stretchers. These are for the person who wants to show off their individuality and unique style.

Ear Tunnels

If you really want to turn heads, have a look at ear tunnels. These are circular earrings with a hole in the center of the earring. If you've gotten a larger piercing and want to stand out in a crowd, this is the ideal type of earring for you. From minimalist ear tunnels to ear tunnels with intricate designs, our collection has it all. If you don't have a large piercing, find the perfect ear tunnel for you and then get your piercing.

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Ear Gauges

Regardless of the size of your ear piercing, we have a variety of sizes available for ear gauges. They are made from ear gauges made from high quality materials that are safe and will last long. Many of our ear gauges are made from semi precious stone and other valuable material. These ear gauges are understated but still make a lasting impression.

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Ear Plugs

Are you a fan of studs? Then you want to get your ears on some ear plugs! These are small, rounded studs made from a variety of materials including precious stones. If you want a subtle style but still love luxury and class then ear plugs are for you.

Ear stretching is a fine art and you should see an expert on how to expand your ears to work with the earrings of your choice. Find the best earrings and then have an expert help you with ear stretching to accommodate the earrings.

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