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A Guide to Choosing Body Jewellery

8th Aug 2018

A Guide to Choosing Body Jewellery

One of the main things that you have to consider when choosing body jewellery is the size. The gauge of a piece of jewellery is actually the thickness of the bar. The gauge also refers to the thickness of the piercing. There are standard gauges that are associated with the most common types and when you are able to understand this, you can then begin to choose the right jewellery for you.

Naval piercings are usually created using a 1.6mm gauge for example so all belly bars that you see on the internet will usually have a gauge that is of this size. When you look at this, you will soon see that this is the thickness of the curved section that sits inside your piercing. The same concept applies to nipple rings, tongue bars and more. Ear piercings on the other hand are created with a 1.2mm gauge and some of them are created using a 1mm gauge. This really does depend on the location of your piercing. Nose piercings are usually done with a 1mm needle but this can very from 0.8mm to 1.2mm. Ear lobes are can be around 10mm.

Of course, choosing jewellery is a very personal experience but when you are able to know and understand the size that you need, you can then start to choose a colour, a style and more. Sometimes you may find that some styles suit you more than others and when you know what you like, you can then begin to incorporate that style more into your fashionable outfits.

So why don’t you try and find some body jewellery for yourself today? It has never been easier for you to find something that really reflects your personality and you’d be surprised at how much choice there is out there as well.


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